Today we are going to share with you the best tips to organise children’s parties and events. Although you might be thinking you know everything about kids parties, we can assure you, you don’t! The first thing we need to tell you is that if you don’t want to break your nerves, it’s better to hire professional party planners. They can provide all your party catering, reserve your party venues, and they can provide children’s party entertainers, such as clowns and magicians. Now, let’s see some tips to organise children’s parties and events

To organise a children’s party, we need to pay attention to a few things, and that’s we are going to give all the step by step to give a perfect party. Take a look!

Best Tips to organise children’s parties and events


To organise a party or children’s event, you must follow a few steps, including organization, party theme, guest list and invitations, place, date and party schedule, food and drink, souvenirs, entertainment, teamwork, sound and soundtrack, pictures and footage, clothes, and the party script.

Now, take a look at the best tips to organise children’s parties and events. 


The organizationbest  tips to organise children's parties and events

The sooner the better! Prepare a children’s party is not easy, so do it in advance to be able to request and compare prices of the services you want.

Make a list of what your child would like to have at the party, and see according to your budget what you can include in your party.

See also the place where you will make your party, and see if you have available dates.


The Choice of party theme

First of all, you must set the theme of your party because everything you do then will be determined by the theme.

The theme will depend on the child’s tastes, as well as the gender and age of the child. Talk to her about what subject she likes and make an assessment of the available themes in the market.

tips to organise children's parties and event

Guest list and invitations

The guest list is crucial to know the size of your party, as well as to know how much space needs.

Remember that about 15% of the guests will not come. Count on it!

Divide the list: children above 3 years old, children under three years old, and adults. So you know to calculate the drinks, food, souvenirs, and more convenient entertainment.


Location, date and time

Please note the following:

Age of the guests – Parties from 22h is impossible!
Where they live – if you have people who live in another neighbourhood, then prepare the party for more accessible times, so they can get home early.
Availability of schedules of party venues
Party Weekend – has a larger number of guests.
Parties during the week – usually have fewer guests, as there are other commitments to do.

tips to organise children's party and event

Some other tips

There are some important tips to organise children’s parties and events that I have to tell you.

  • Remember that children do not eat as much as you, and they prefer finger foods. So remember to make this appointment when hiring the catering, or when making your menu.
  • The kids love souvenirs. You do not need to spend much. Just one bag with candies will leave them delighted!
  • Hire entertainers that are used with children, and are DBS checked. It is very important to ensure that the entertainment has quality!
  • Choose songs that they like. One of the best options are the soundtracks of cartoons.
  • Prepare a party script. So you can control everything in a better way.


Follow our  tips to organise children’s parties and events and make it perfect!

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