Thinking about Tinker Bell Themed Kids Parties? We are going to tell you everything you need to organise this kids party, which is awesome for little girls. You know how pretty girls love fairies, so Tinker Bell is one of the most famous ones. You might like to hire some fairies, magicians, or other kids party entertainers. I am sure you won’t regret hiring them in AEIOU kids party planners. Your party will be just fabulous with their help, and all kids will have lots of fun, I can assure you! 

Now, let’s talk about planning Tinker Bell Themed Kids Parties. Know that if your little girl is a fan of fairies, is very likely that she asks you a Tinker Bell party. Nowadays you have your life much easier. You can find almost everything in the party shops. But you can use your imagination too. Tinker Bell Themed Kids Parties ideas

This theme is just great and it offers you lots of option of food, decoration, and activities to keep your little guests entertained for hours and hours.

So, give your child an unforgettable and unique party and create party favours which last forever!

Planning Tinker Bell Themed Kids Parties


So, let’s work! We have some steps to show you so you can follow them to plan your Tinker Bell Themed Kids Parties. Check:


Buy some Tinker Bell invitations or do it yourself gluing Tinker Bell images in the envelopes. Deliver the invitations at least two weeks before the party to guarantee all the guest have time to programme themselves.

Tinker Bell Themed Kids Party


Plan your party menu. Serve to your guests food inspired in fairies, such as sandwiches in star or flower shape (you can use a biscuit cutter). You can also serve chocolate pretzels.

You can also serve pasta and cheese or fruits and vegetables which you can serve in trays. They are great options for your party menu. TinkerBell Themed Kids Party


Choose a cake to your Tinker Bell Themed Kids Parties. You can have a big cake covered with flowers and butterflies. You can also add the Tinker Bell image. It will look gorgeous.

You can also offer cupcakes so the guests can decorate their own cakes (it is a real pastry workshop!).

Tinker Bell Themed children's Parties


Use pink, purple and green colours to decorate your party. You can transform your party into a fairies’ country with swirls, balloons, white Christmas lights, and artificial flowers. You can place the flowers on the table. It will be just lovely.

Cover the party table with green, pink or purple table cloth. Sprinkle sequins all around the place with the theme colours.


You can organise some games to your little guests. For example, you can play the “Statue Game” using a sprinkling of fairy dust (glitter) of the other girl’s purse to thaw the other players. You can also plan a painting workshop. For it, you can buy some fairy houses (in wood) and ask kids to paint them.

At the end of the party distribute favours. Fill tulle bags with Tinker Bell stickers, jewellery, and colouring books. Add glitter to the body in bags and tie them with satin ribbons.

Did you like our ideas? I am sure that your party will be a success following them! Do you have any other idea to plan Tinker Bell Themed Kids Parties? Let us know!

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