Do you like Theatre? So, you can enjoy some plays of theatre for children in the UK to have a different weekend or a day in the middle of the holidays. The children’s entertainment is guaranteed with these shows. Take a look at what is going on!

Theatre for children in the UK: Enjoy it! enjoy theatre for children in the UK

There are lots of options when we look for Theatre for children in the UK.  In London, you can watch to “Lullaby Lane” at Watermans in Brentford, and “Minotaur” and “Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore” at Unicorn theatre in London Bridge.

  • Lullaby Lane is a show with music and tells the story of Katie that went back to the homeland where she was born to rejoin her last friends of her childhood that she has forgotten and she finds her loved toys and a special gift her father gave her when she was young. It is a lovely lively music show, don’t waste it! Excellent Theatre for children in the UK! 
  • The Minotaur tells the story of a Lovely breast that with only his sister Ariadne goes through the Labyrinth and in the middle of the trip has disaster threatens to fight against.  His sister Ariadne has a head of a bull and a strange carnivorous appetite, but not making everything worse she has a heart of a boy. The lovely breast follows the voice of his sister while he goes through. The Labyrinth was created by the King Minos of Crete, their father.
  • The Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore is a children´s comedy. These are three little characters that claw around with the world´s complexity. For more than three years old this surreal comedy goes very sensual to everyone. Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore start at the beach with a towel with them, a ball and a picnic and each of them with a typical contrasting temperance. They have a misarticulating language very childish and typical of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.

Still in London, you can watch Theatre for children in the UK at Polka Theatre children can have classes. There´s shows like:enjoy theatre children in the UK

  1. The Paper Dolls, from 8 Jan till 13 Mar 2016, The Paper Dolls for Toddlers from 8 Jan till 13 Mar 2016,
  2. Dog Don´t Do Ballet, from 2 Mar till 6 Mar 2016,
  3. Kite from 10 Mar till 13 Mar 2016,
  4. World of stories and music on 12 Mar 2016, Nipt ( narrow) from 18 Mar till 20 Mar 2016,
  5. Happy Harry´s Café from 19 Mar till 8 Apr 2016,
  6. Snow White from 23 Mar till 10 Apr 2016,
  7. Happy Harry’s café for ages 1-2 from 9 Apr till 15 Apr 2016,
  8. The Emperor´s New Clothes from 16 Apr till 17 Apr 2016,
  9. Rumpelstiltskin from 22 Apr till 24 Apr 2016,
  10. The Box of Photographs from 22 Apr till 15 May 2016,
  11. Bed Time from 27 Apr till 1 May 2016,
  12. Frogs and Snails and Teddy Bear Tales from 6 May till 8 May 2016,
  13. Flights of fancy from 14 May till 15 May 2016,
  14. A real Mermaid´s Tale from 21 May till 22 May 2016
  15. And many more!

There is no doubt that theatre is awesome to spend some time with the family. So, now you can have some quality time together with this plays and you can now enjoy theatre for children in the UK every week!

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