Luis and the Aliens is a brand-new movie out now that you should go and watch with your child in the cinema. It’s a great movie! Basically, the plot revolves around 11-year-old Luis is always ignored by everyone, his father being one of the main people in his life who never pays him attention. He’s bullied by other school kids for being different and the school is even threatening to take him away from his alien-obsessed father who doesn’t seem interested in him at all. This Warner Bros. Picture is an exciting extra-terrestrial adventure for everyone who watches it. From adult-orientated jokes that the children won’t get, to the slap-stick comedy they will fall off their chair laughing at. It’s vastly becoming a movie you must see.

Despite controversy in the media and from various reviewers who have seen this movie recently, there are so many reasons you should take your child to see this fun-filled movie! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 reasons you should invest your time in a movie not everyone seems to like. It’s all about being balanced and although there is a lot of negative press, we want to assure you that it’s not all bad, actually, it’s pretty good! These reasons aren’t in any particular order and they’re all as valid as the one before.

  1. It’s about aliens coming to earth – and isn’t that every child’s dream? Plenty of people with children always discuss how they regularly talk about aliens coming to earth and making contact with them. It’ll definitely help broaden their horizons too. If you are looking for more animated movies with aliens in them, you can check out this website.
  2. Luis is an ordinary child – so your child will be able to relate to him, he is a pretty standard character, but this is one of the main reasons that your child will love him. They’ll be able to make similarities between themselves and Luis.
  3. There is plenty of slapstick comedy – if your children love humour then it’s definite that they’ll laugh endless during the course of this movie. Plus, there is humour in there for you too, so it’s a win-win situation.
  4. The aliens are cute – can you really resist aliens when they’re animated so well and they’re super cute?
  5. It teaches children about bullying – although it doesn’t show the solution to bullying, it will bring up the conversation with your child in which you can then explain about the hardships of growing up and perhaps being bullied. But, then the best way to deal with the bullying too. For more information about bullying or helping your child dealing with bullying – see an article here.
  6. The aliens are similar to the ones in Toy Story – so your child may also make the connection between the two movies showing they are learning and getting cleverer.
  7. It has a great message – focusing around acceptance and wit, this movie is definitely something that has a great message for your children. They’re sure to love everything about it and want to be in the movie themselves.
  8. They talk about space – which is very educational for your child and if they’re interested in space, they’ll definitely love it. Perhaps they may not know a lot about space before the movie and then when it’s finished – they won’t stop talking about it. There is a super cool website about space that your child will love if they want to learn more about the planets!
  9. It’s animated – meaning the whole family can appreciate it. Younger children are able to see the characters and have fun watching which just shows how good the movie really is.
  10. It’s suitable for all ages – so even if you’re wanting to take 11-year-old, and a 3-year-old. They’ll both love it.
Luis & The Aliens the Movie

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