Do you need Party entertainment ideas for active kids? Well, you certainly need to read this post. We have lots of fantastic ideas to give you. What do you think about clowns? Or magicians? To ensure your kids party entertainment, you need to hire professional entertainers with the ability to engage all kids in the party spirit. If you have active kids it’s even more important. Take a look at some ideas! When we have active kids we need to plan some energetic activities to our parties or they will be bored. That’s why we selected the best Party entertainment ideas for active kids. Take a look.

Best Party entertainment ideas for active kids

Before I show you our ideas, I have to tell you that the best way to ensure your party will be just perfect is hiring kids party planners. They can help you entertaining the little ones and also preparing your party (decor, catering, and so on).

But if you want to do everything by yourself, and I understand that you might want to plan everything according to your tastes, I have some great Party entertainment ideas for active kids. 

Crazy Gymkhanas

For this activity, you will need to fill 30 balloons with water and red dye and other 30 with water and blue dye.

best Party entertainment ideas for active kids

Then divide the children into two teams and give a white shirt for each one. Each team will have the corresponding colours (red and blue). To distinguish give them ribbons to put in the head with the respective colour.

best Party entertainment ideas active kidsDemarcate the play area with a rope, where the children are inside.

Now you are going to put the balloons in separate buckets and prepare for the match! When you say “go”, the red team (or blue) shall shoot the balloons with matching paint on the opposite team and the other team does the same. When they finish the balloons, wins who has painted more opponents.

This is one of the best Party entertainment ideas for active kids. They will spend lots of energy on it and they will have lots of fun!

Throwing Game

For this game, you will ask each child to choose a pair. To each one give an apple and a plastic bucket. Ensure that the pairs stay at 1.5 meters away from each other.

Party entertainment ideas active kids

In each pair, one player will hold the apple and the other will stay with the bucket.

Once you give the starting signal, the children will try to hit the apple on the bucket. When they hit it, they continue in the game taking a step back. When they fail, they are excluded from the game.

Win the pair who stays at a greater distance from the bucket. If you do not want to use an apple you can use water balloons or tennis balls.

You still can plan a sack race or an obstacle race. However, the two games I have mentioned above are my favourite ones when I think about Party entertainment ideas for active kids. 

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