Find here the most popular football teams for kids and have an idea for your party theme. You know how little boys love football, so it is a great option for you to give a football themed party. You can also add to your party some awesome kids party entertainers, including balloon modellers, face painters, or even clowns if you want. The options never end, so you can use your imagination to create an unforgettable party. Now check the best football teams in the world and choose the one your child loves the most. 

Well, we are going to tell you the most popular football teams for kids and also the best football teams in the world in the moment. There are some differences, that’s why I am going to show you both separately. most popular football teams for kids in the UK

First, Manchester United said it is the most popular football team in the world, counting with 659 millions of fans. This team counts with 325 millions of fans in Asia, 173 millions of fans in Africa and the Middle East, 90 millions of fans in Europe, and 71 millions of fans in South and North America.


Find the Most popular football teams for kids


When we look for the most popular football teams for kids we also need to look at the social networks. In there, Manchester United occupies the third place, with a total of 70.136.084 fans.

The first thing we see is that Spain and England master the ranking. Let’s check the ranking. popular football teams for kids

  1. Barcelona – It is in the first place of the ranking in the social networks, counting with 117.086.291 followers.
  2. Real Madrid – In the second place, the Spanish football team counts with 108.270.994 followers.
  3. Manchester United  – As I told you before.
  4. Chelsea – In fourth place, with 50.211.830 fans.
  5. Arsenal – In honorable 5th place is Arsenal with 39.634.056 followers.

So, if you are going to give a party for your little boy, these football teams will be a huge success certainly! Don’t forget to ask your little one what is the football team his friends like the most. You must follow their tastes and not only the rankings.

Now, let’s check the best football teams in the world at the moment. You can also follow this list to surprise your little ones. popular football team for kids

  1. Bayern Munich – Germany
  2. Real Madrid – Spain
  3. Atletico Madrid – Spain
  4. CA Lanus – Argentina
  5. National C.A. Medellin – Colombia
  6. Barcelona – Spain
  7. Sevilla FC – Spain
  8. Juventus FC – Italy
  9. Arsenal – England
  10. SLBenfica – Portugal

As you see the best teams may not be exactly the most popular football teams for kids. Choose the best and have a fantastic party!

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