AEIOU Kids Club is one of the best kids party planners of the UKWe plan all your kids party in detail so nothing goes wrong. Our kids party planner provides your party catering, bouncy castles, your children’s party entertainment, venues, and many more. Our party organisers will also send to your party wonderful kids’ party entertainers. See what we have to offer you!

We can provide your kids party planning in every area of Liverpool, Manchester, London and Birmingham including Greater London, Essex, Surrey, Kent, and some more! Contact us for further info and prices, and find out the best party planners in the UK!

best kids party planners


A kids party planner plans everything related to your kids party. The Kids party planners prepare your party from the beginning to end. They provide everything such as supplies, decorations, catering, management of the guest list, and many other things.

You can hire children’s party organisers to make your kids party excellent, with everything you always dreamed. You can have their help in every kind of parties like birthday parties, weddings, school parties, community parties, and many more. Take a look at what AEIOU Kids Club party planners have to give you:

kids party planners bouncy castles

  • Bouncy Castles – You can hire our fantastic bouncy castles to your kids party so your kids have lots of fun for hours and hours non-stop. Hiring our party planners you can have all of this, so don’t wait any longer and contact our kids party planners to ensure your kids’ party success!

kids party planners catering


  • Catering – We take care of everything for you. We have a great kids menu with healthy food, candies, cakes, and everything they deserve. We also have in mind all the ingredients used to prevent allergies, which are common in some children.

kids party planners supplies


  • Supplies – Our party organisers also have at your disposal all the essentials that you need to give a kids party. This way you won’t need to worry about the set up of your party, and the best part, you won’t have to wash all those dishes at the end of your party. Our children’s party planners can make your life much easier!

kids party planners decoration


  • Decoration – Our Kids party planner will also plan and take care of all your party decoration. There won’t be any other party so beautiful than yours; I can promise you. We take care of everything and we do it very carefully! Our birthday party planner can also provide your birthday parties decoration to make your day just perfect!

kids party planners venues


  • Venues – Our Kids party planners have many awesome party venues that you can enjoy! Giving a party outside your home can be tough, but with children’s party organisers help, you can give an excellent and unforgettable party!

kids party planners invitations


  • Management of guest list – Writing and managing the guest list can be very stressful, but our party organisers will do it for you! We can send your invitations and confirm the presence of all your little guests. There is nothing like having children’s party organisers to do the hard work for us, isn’t it?

kids party planners classic entertainment

  • Entertainment – Take a look at what our kids party planners can bring to your event!
  • And more!


Hiring our Kids party planners you will be ensuring your party entertainment. AEIOU Kids Club has a wonderful set of activities, incredible games, and many other things to do with your little ones.

  • Magic Showskids birthday party planners clowns
  • Clown Shows
  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Modelling
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Games
  • Activities
  • Shows
  • Workshops
  • And many more!

Hire our professional children’s party entertainers and your kids party will be just outstanding! They are DBS checked, carefully trained, but most important they love what they do. Do you still have any doubts about Kids Party Planners? Take a look at what we still have to offer you!


Our birthday party planner will make your kids birthday just awesome. We have incredible themed parties that kids love, with fantastic characters. We also provide your birthday cake, all activities and games, catering and party decoration. That’s what birthday party organisers do. Isn’t it great?

kids birthday party planners

Our kids birthday party planner will do everything to make your day just memorable!


As we are kids party planners, we have to tell you some things that you might have in mind when you are planning a kids party.

  • You need to write a guest list. Select your guests. Include those that are essential if you have not much to spend. You can make a list so much bigger, the larger the available money.
  • Choosing a venue for the party is the next step. You may want to make your party at home, or rent a space for that purpose. For this, you must select a few that you like. Then visit them to see if space is what you want and see what each can provide you. This can be tough, so hiring Kids Party Planners can be a huge help.
  • kids party planners theme
  • Set the party theme and send invitations. Choosing the party theme is of key importance. All your next steps will be guided by it. So choose it according to the tastes of your children. It is important to know what your child likes, as well as what your guests like. Hiring kids party planners can be very useful because they are abreast of the latest hits.
  • Decoration. Think of the decoration around the theme you have chosen. There are many shops where you can buy decorations for children parties with numerous themes. Think also of the decor of your cake table. Do not forget that is the most important thing in your decor. So do it carefully!
  • kids party planners food
  • Food. Prepare your party food very carefully. It is not enough that the food is colourful and beautiful, you need to pay attention to the ingredients you use. Many children are allergic to certain foods, like nuts, so avoid them in the confection of your kids party food.
  • Entertainment. Think of some games and activities according to the age of your little ones. During the party ensure that the security of all of them is assured. It is very important for children to have fun, but safety must always come first! So hire kids party planners is important!


AEIOU Kids Club kids party planners are in various places in the UK, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Your children’s parties will be simply phenomenal with our help. We handle all details for everything you has idealized become real!

Hiring AEIOU Kids Club party planners you are ensuring that your kids party will be a success and that all children will have lots of fun!Our kids party planners will do everything for you!

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