If you are going to give a kids’ birthday party you certainly need to take a look at our kids birthday party ideas. Did you ever wonder what to do on your child’s big day? Well, you don’t need to worry now, because now you can organize the best day ever! You can hire some kids party entertainers and kids party entertainment to make your day just perfect! 

Are you ready for our kids birthday party ideas? Take a look!

First of all, you must plan every detail, start off making a list of guests, and try to confirm their presence within 3 days of antecedence, this will help you reduce costs, and do the maths of what is needed on the day.kids birthday party ideas uk

After that, we should look at our kids and see what they like the most: kids are always changing tastes about stuff, so try to know what she/he likes at that time (like if the kid is a fan of some super-hero, make a super-hero themed party; if the kid likes sports, make a sports themed party, etc.). Take a look at our kids birthday party ideas to make your party just perfect!

Now let’s prepare this party with our kids birthday party ideas


Food: It’s a special day, so we can all make mistakes, food on kids birthday parties should be like, juices, some candies, cakes, sandwiches, cookies, ice cream, chips, all the things we don’t eat everyday! And never forget, the cake!kids birthday party ideas cake

Cake: It should be directly related to your kids favourite stuff! If he likes football, why not try a Ball Cake? I’m sure you have lots of kids birthday party ideas, especially when we are talking about birthday cake!

Entertainment: It’s what your kid likes the most, after birthday gifts, of course!  Kids like to do stuff with other kids, they just want to have fun. If you are doing an indoor birthday, take a look at these kids birthday party ideas. 

  • Boarding Games: All kinds of boarding games, from monopoly to trivial pursuit and even UNO!
  • Video Games: If you have a video game console, this is one thing that kids like the most to have fun, so it’s almost indispensable to entertain.
  • Treasure Hunt: Why not hide his birthday gifts, and start a treasure hunt? Just make some papers with some clues and let kids birthday party ideas karaokethe kids work as a team, having fun, looking for the ultimate prize!
  • Karaoke: What about some old fashion singing? Kids love to sing, and grown-ups can join as well, if all sing bad, the funnier it gets!

If you want to try something outside your own house you can try these kids birthday party ideas

  • Amusement parks: The benefits of doing birthday parties in amusement parks is that you don’t need to worry about most of the stuff you usually worry when doing the birthday party at your own place. Kids have all the entertainment they need, and most of the time, amusement parks give you discount prices if you kids party ideasdo birthday parties there. They even handle the food and in some cases the cake! The only cons you have done in amusement parks is that can turn out to be more expensive that in your house, and they only have like two or three packages you can choose of, so there isn’t that much of a choice of food, and the time you can stay there. They will love these kids birthday party ideas!
  • Cinema: Nothing that a good movie and a bucket of popcorn doesn’t solve. Kids get to choose the movie they want to see, they are entertained, they are eating sweet things, and at the end you can cut the cake and all had a great day!
  • Museums: They are great, they have a bunch of activities to throw a birthday party, kids learn some history and see some art, it’s a good mixture of time well spent with learning.
  • Paintball: This is what any kid would like to do. They shoot, they get dirty, they hide and they get tired. This is a good way to do all the things they like to do in just one activity. They simulate a “war zone” with fake bullets made of Jelly Paint and the objective is to get to the enemy base, when you get shot, you get dirty!


At the end, all you want is to make the perfect day for them, getting a smile on their face, listening to them saying: “It was the best day ever!”, and be sure to record everything with videos and photographies because that’s the best way to preserve memories since they grow up so fast! Did you like our kids birthday party ideas? 

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