The wedding is a very important party, and so that everything goes marvelously you need to ensure your kids’ party entertainment. So we dedicate this article to tell you great Ideas to entertain Kids at a wedding. To make your job a little bit easier you can hire children’s party entertainers. So, if you don’t want some help, just take a look at our ideas and tips to make your wedding perfect! 

Keep children sitting at the table of a reception is a difficult task. Usually, after a few hours they are already saturated and start running everywhere, leaving not only the bride and groom stressed , and also parents completely saturated.

Fun Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Wedding: Have fun!

First of all, you need to plan everything at your wedding day to make it simply perfect. To do that, of course, you also have to plan the kids’ entertainment. Don’t you have any ideas? Take a look and enjoy our Ideas to entertain Kids at a wedding!


If the reception venue has a garden, you can make a treasure hunt. All the kids love this game. To keep them entertained for a good time, spread cryptic clues throughout the garden until reach the treasure.Ideas to entertain Kids at a wedding treasure hunt

This game can develop the reasoning of the older ones, who will decipher the clues, in addition to developing the adventurous spirit of the newest. You can make the premium is something related to your wedding. It may be a miniature of your wedding cake or a doll dressed as the bride and groom.


So, if you need some original Ideas to entertain Kids at a wedding, take a look at this one! Create a space like “chill out” for children. Make some camping tents with the theme of your wedding. You can do it, for example, with the tissue of your wedding dress. Place inside them some pillows, books, colouring books, crayons, and so on.Ideas to entertain Kids at a wedding tents

That way you will make the children feel at home with everything they like to play. Difference is that this time, with an advantage: they will be able to share all games with other children!


It is best to hire some animation professionals to give some workshops. The kitchen is always a hit with the kids. They can, for example, learn how to make cupcakes, cookies, and even decorations for cakes.Ideas to entertain Kids at a wedding workshops

It’s fun and also stimulates the imagination of the youngest. This one is one of the best Ideas to entertain Kids at a wedding! 


Create spaces inside the celebration place for children. For example, create a cinema space with a screen and some pillows along with juice and popcorn for movie time. You can also prepare some traditional games to keep them around, but fun at the same time.Ideas to entertain Kids at wedding

Some little tables with paper and pencil, books to read, colouring, cards to play, game consoles, and so on. Reserve also a place with blankets, so when they are tired in the evening.

These are our ideas to make your wedding just unforgettable. Do you have some great Ideas to entertain Kids at a wedding? Tell us everything!

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