Hello dear reader! Interested in knowing How to Organise a Clown Kids Party? Well then you have come to right place. In this article you will find out how to organise an amazing party.  We are going to give you some great ideas on how to throw a party with clowns for you children. Have a look at this page and find some other ideas, just like magician party

There are some children who are afraid of clown so, talk to yours first and be sure they will laugh and not cry or hide below the table.

With this in mind, let’s start shooting some ideas for your party. Prepare to amaze them!

How to Organise a Clown Kids Party ideas

How to organise a Clown Kids Party – Best tips

First of all on How to Organise a Clown Kids Party, you can either hire a clown to entertain kids or either interpret one yourself.

If you are going for the second one, use some old, baggy and colourful clothes to dress yourself, some big glasses (that are not meant to see), a colourful eccentric wig, and shoes bigger that your feet.

Also, paint your face and use something as a fake nose. Then you need to use a funny voice, smile a lot and use those balloons that can be shaped into animals.

Also try some physical comedy like falling or not doing something the right way – this means doing it in a ridiculous way.

Second on How to Organise a Clown Kids Party buy a lot of balloons to hang in every division – including the bathroom – and spread them on the floor too. Kids love balloon and it easily resembles clowns.

You can also paint them with funny faces like characters from movies or animated series. You can also fill them with something like flour, candies or water – if it’s a hot day!

How to Organise Clown Kids Party

Don’t forget the balloons. You can shape them as animals, swords or instruments. Then you can either do it, ask the clown to do it or teach the children how to.

Third on How to Organise a Clown Kids Party you need funny music to dance. You can dance with children, play games where only they dance or ask the clown to dance in a funny way, alone or with children.

You can use music and dance to tell a story to children. Believe us, they will surely be amused and entertained by this, playing with each other and laughing a lot.

If you can, play an instrument. You can also do a small concert for them and ask them to dance and sing along.

So if you are planning to entertain you children with a party, we hope you liked our article on How to Organise a Clown Kids Party.

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