The team of Aeiou children’s party entertainers have the philosophy that fun should always starts at home, so we recommend having a list of fun things to do at home with kidsDynamic activities promote the participation of the kids in class, at home and their environment, increasing their confidence and making them feel like the stars of the show. Promoting activities at home will help them connect better with their parents and relatives.

Fun at home with kids

Easy and fun things to do with kids at home

One of the easiest things to do at home are crafts, because kids can do their own activity with a lot of different and accessible materials. Parents can make a box, collecting different materials or objects that can be used later. This will also promote the value of recycling at home.

Some of the things you can consider for saving are needles and pins, sand, paper bags, plastic bottles and jars, cardboard, old socks, shells and corks, strings, spoons and forks, empty containers, flowers, balloons, empty cans, keys, straws, tape, old newspapers, magazines, and so on. Literally you can use EVERYTHING to have fun with kids at home! 

Things you can use at home with kids

When it comes to creativity, each kid has their own. Some kids like music, others like animals, and others like to play outside, others prefer to play sports, and we can do an endless list. So that’s why the activities that parents or relatives choose to do at home will depend on the kid’s personality.

For example, some of the fun things to do at home with kids are Musical Instruments, you can make a Banjo just with a shoe box, tape and some thick elastic bands. For a Flute, all you need is a cardboard tube, vegetable paper and a rubber band. Finally for a Drum, just look for a big empty can (coffee or cookies can), a string and a spoon.

Things to do with kids

Include your kids in your home activities

Other things you can do are to help them to Decorate Their Rooms. For example, you can make a Box Train so they can put their toys in it (puppets and dolls); all you’ll need is boxes of different sizes, paint and brushes, markers, coloured pencils, strings, buttons or any small object that you can think of to use as decoration. Another option is to create Cardboard Animals, you can use empty egg cartons, scissors, toilet paper tubes, tape, glue, paint, brushes and strings, empty milk cartons and straws.

Things for kids

In order to include all the family, other thing that could be really fun is to create Funny Faces Masks. You can do them with cardboard or plastic dishes, paper bags, paint and brushes, coloured cardboard, wrapping paper, old newspapers, glue, sticks and tape; this can work for a Halloween Party. For a family night, one of the funniest things to do with kids are Puppets, using the same materials.

Puppets for kids at home

There is one thing that every kid loves, and that is Paint. Using straws and their fingers, kids can do amazing designs. All you have to give them is paint and paper sheets. Another tool is woolen cords, by covering them with paint, you can accomplish cool figures.

Fun Paint With Kids

When you live with kids you have to be able to see the potencial in things that surround you. For example, something as simple as the rocks of your yard can become beautiful sculptures. Old socks can become cute stuffed animals.

Include your kids in your daily routines; let them help you in the kitchen. There are some easy recipes that kids can do. Cook with your kids, work with them, you will be surprised of how fun both sides can have, do fun things at home with your kids.

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