Are you thinking about giving a Clown themed parties for boys and girls? We have some great ideas to give you. First of all, have a look at these clowns for hire. They are great to ensure your kids have lots of fun. You can also add to your kids parties some great magicians, face painters and balloon modellers. I am sure your party will be just perfect. Add some of the following ideas, and your party will be memorable! Have a look and enjoy them! 

The kids love the circus, and no doubt the clowns are the favourite characters of children. For the same reason, this theme for your party is excellent, whether it is a birthday of a boy, whether it is a birthday of a little girl.

We are going to give you great ideas to your Clown themed parties for boys and girls.

Clown themed parties kids

Best ideas for Clown themed parties for boys and girls


The circus theme allows children and parents to enjoy a lot. Especially because all the preparation of the children’s party asks you to be excited to plan scenarios, games, and all the details. So, let’s check some ideas.


The decoration for children’s  circus themed parties has to have the greatest joy! Use bright colours like yellow and red. They are colours that convey joy, so place them as the base colours of your decor.

Also, use balls, stripes and all that reminds clowns. You can even buy some clowns clothes to join your decor. It will be beautiful!Clown themed parties for children

So that they feel in a real circus, you can simulate a circus tent on the cake table.

For the birthday cake, you can put stars, clowns, or balls, which appear much in the clown clothes.


In all children’s parties can not miss the sweets, is not it? Make some cupcakes with some clowns on top. You can also serve the typical food of the circus, like popcorn, hotdogs, apples-of-love, among others.

Your Clown themed parties for boys and girls will be even greater if you innovate in your party food. So, check some recipes on the web, and then adapt them to the theme of your party.

Do not forget that kids like to always play, so choose always simple foods, that they can pick up with their hands as the famous and traditional sandwiches.

Clown themed parties for boys and girls ideas


Ideally, you could hire real clowns to the Clown themed parties for boys and girls entertainment. However, if your budget does not allow it, I suggest you some games.

As we talk about a clown party, can not miss a lot of fun, games, and challenges.

You can make a competition, for example, throw balls and knock down cans, or take aim in the mouth of a cardstock clown.

And why not a sack race? Do not forget to always have some gifts to offer as a prize for the winners of the games.

So, what do you think about our ideas? Do you have any other? Just let us know. We will love to hear your suggestion for Clown themed parties for boys and girls!

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