Do you need circus themed party entertainment at home? Well, there are many things that you can do. Now you can hire clowns to your party, which is great for this themed party, but there are more, like balloon modelling, magicians, and other entertainers to make your party just fabulous. This way your kids party entertainment is guaranteed! 

Well, this theme for kids party is just great, and some people even say that it brings some luck, so I guess you have made a great choice, besides kids love the circus! It’s perfect for kids of all ages, from 1st year to adults, it always brings good feelings, like joy and happiness! best circus themed party entertainment at home

Now that you have chosen your party theme and you decided you are going to give it at home, you need to look at circus themed party entertainment at home. We have some ideas to give you. Take a look!

Best circus themed party entertainment at home

The first thing you need to know is how many guests you will have at your party. If you are going to have many guests you might like to hire party catering, so you can enjoy a little bit the party. Make sure you will have enough adults to monitor kids.

Now, let’s see what you can do to your circus themed party entertainment at home.

Kids parties entertainers in London


There are no circuses without clowns, right? If you have a hidden tallent for comedy, it’s your chance to show it. If you don’t, you should hire one to bring all the joy of the circus. There are great entertainers, including clowns, all over the UK that you can hire, and you don’t have to spend lots of money on them, I promise you!

magicians for hire in Uk


Well, magicians can bring to your circus themed party that special touch lacking. You can do it by yourself (if you want to!). You can find many tricks for kids on the Web that you can easily learn. But if you want, you can hire some entertainers to do this for you, or if you are true fans of magic, there are professional magicians offering their shows at your own home. best circus themed party entertainment at home balloon modelling


If you want to do something different to your circus themed party entertainment at home, you might like to think about balloon modelling. You can offer your kids lots of balloon flowers, balloon swords, balloon hearts, puppies, and much more! You can find balloon modelling tutorials on the web as well. And you can hire kids entertainers to do this for you too! best circus themed party entertainment at home facepainting


And what about offering your little guests the chance to become true clowns for a day? Isn’t it awesome? YEY! Well, the web is an excellent tool to learn lots of things (there is not only Facebook, right?), and for this issue is not an exception. Once more, you can hire entertainers to bring it to your kids party.

These are just a few ideas that we have for you, but we still have to tell you that there are kids party planners offering all these activities in one single package, which is cheaper than hiring them separately.

Did you like our ideas for circus themed party entertainment at home? Let us know!

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