It has been centuries since the first christians came from abroad to North Europe  in order to discover the way  inhabitants praised their own divinities: by decorating evergreen trees. Nowadays it has become an annual tradition which its origin remains in Europe and that  has extended to United States where they embrace and take Christmas Decoration as a priority, and  consequently to almost every christian region.

Christmas during the XIX century

So since it is one of the most significant activities to do along with family, during these days, and Christmas countdown will only spare us a couple of weeks for preparing  our homes for welcoming 2015 Winter Holidays. Hence,  we  have decided to give you, some of the best ideas for having the greatest Christmas Tree. You can also check all these different ways and traditions of celebrating Christmas all around the world!

How to decorate your Christmas Tree in an original way!

We brought you some great examples from Aeiou Parties! But first, let us remember you to follow thee guidelines:

  1. Not everything’s about the Christmas  tree: decorations must involve the space you will dedicate to it on your own house. You must create an atmosphere!
  2. Be original, let your imagination flow, and turn it into to a funny experience, make everyone participate,  not just something you do for obligation.
  3. Find your own style and theme for these Christmas. Develop one for this year, and change it completely for the next one!
  4. Do not waste money: invest  time on handmade things, crafty things, feel free of designing your own decorations, or ask your children to be creative and gift you their own!

These are some of the best Christmas ornaments we have found which we expect that they will fill your head with some brand new ideas about how entertaining can be decorating your own Christmas treeChristmasDecorations1Frosty North Pole: recreate on the purest and most rustic nature of Christmas, back in the North Pole, the cold, reindeers related with those origins back in ancient North Europe: pick up some old wasted skis, wooden little reindeer and owl figures, antique candles, even  create  your own shining star at the top of your Christmas Tree!


Let It Snow!: focus on the freezing feeling of the snow, drawing angels with your back outside, and put that sensation to work: hang up some gloves, use some fake foam in order to represent that it just have been snowing at your own living room over your Christmas Tree. And don’t forget the mistletoe as one of the main Christmas Decorations!


Postcard Tree: use all those postcards you receive every Christmas filled with the best wishes from people who’s close and whom you love . Find their own place between the branches of your Christmas Tree, followed by some little elves or santa’s figures as if they were the special delivery mail service that let those cards arrived to you.


Frozen Christmas Tree: kids will specially love this one, since “Frozen” (2013)  may be the most Christmas Disney Movie and it’s theme will go pretty well with the own designing of your Christmas  Tree. You can also pur some decorations based on the movie, or even add the toys of your kids to it, who are willing to contribute, cut some images previously downloaded from the Internet and put them into a frame with some winter decorations.

FrozenTree2Little Present: having a nice Christmas tree it has never been a synonym of having biggest tree in town. You can also get a cute little tree, for those who lack of space at home, or don’t have much time to spend on decorating a huge Christmas tree: instead, hang up some sweets, chocolate, build your own personal and sweet  space in the house.

Sweet Tree

Pinecone Tree: find yourself becoming one with Nature, picking up all the pinecones you find outside with your family, or asking your kids to find them: create your own experience. Once you’ve collected enough pinecones, put them on your Christmas  tree, it will be the best example of a truly Christmas Tree! Also, there are trees made entirely of pinecones, which will give you that alternative kind  tree you were looking for.



We hope to illustrate our readers with this article. There will be coming up more ideas related to some other Christmas tree decorations  during this December meant for helping you all in the same way that we did today. For those who are willing to find out more about decorations, we offer you the access this website, where you can check ways of both playing with your Christmas Tree Ornaments and the style of your own home in a more original way.

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