If you are thinking about giving a birthday themed party for girls, then you are at right place. We have amazing birthday party themes for girls to give you. How about a Frozen party? Ensure your party entertainment with some kids’ party ideas that we have to offer. Take a look! 

Great ideas for Birthday Party Themes for Girls


Giving a birthday party themed for girls may seem easy at first glance, but when we start to planning it we are faced with many doubts and insecurities. So we decided to give you some ideas of topics for birthday party themes for girls which are doing most successful in recent times.


The Movie of Disney Frozen is the last big hit among children. So it’s an excellent idea for you to ensure the success of your birthday party for girls. They fell in love with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, never forgetting the funny Olaf snowman. birthday party themes for girls frozen

  • Use a lot of blue, white and purple to give the feeling that your girls entered into a real castle winter.
  • Make many snowflakes to use in your decor. Spread them on the walls, hang them from the ceiling and put them in your appetizers.
  • Consider buying some costumes for your little princess, or perhaps hire someone who is dressed just like Queen Elsa. Your girls will be surprised!
  • Do not forget to send beautiful invitations for girls. You can place inside each envelope some images with the main characters of the film.


There is no girl who does not adore Hello Kitty. If you want an excellent idea for the birthday party themes for girls, you can not dismiss this one. birthday party themes for girls kitty

  • Pink and White Are the two colors of Hello Kitty, so use them to decorate your party. Currently, some shops ensure the supplies for your children’s parties, and they have multiple themes as well. You can find several useful things with the image of Hello Kitty in these stores.
  • Once again do not neglect the invitations. They are the doorway to your party, and it is from them that the children’s dreams begin to rise. Make them beautiful and appealing and insert in them some bracelets with the image of Kitty.


There is no character more beloved by girls than Minnie. In fact, this is a classic birthday party themes for girls. If your daughter loves to see Minnie and Mickey Mouse, then do not let this theme aside and bet on it. Your party will be a success.birthday party themes for girls minnie

  • First decide if you want the classic Minnie, of red and black, or the most modern version, pink and white. After choosing which one is more indicated for your girl decorate your home according to the colours of Minnie you preferred.
  • Place some posters with the image of Minnie and Mickey all over the place. You can also buy little Minnie’s ears to offer to your little guests at the entrance of your party, and use your imagination!
  • When you are preparing the appetizers and cake, you can not forget to keep the theme of your party. Make a cake with little ears of Minnie, without forgetting her lovely lace.

Here we have three themes that for sure your girls will love, but there are many more: use and abuse of princesses and queens. Know the tastes of your daughter, they will give you all the answers to your questions, including about the birthday party themes for girls you should take.

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