Hi there! Today we are going to show you the Best options for teenagers birthdays entertainment! You have lots of options, including magicians, clowns, and lots of competitions. To make your life a little bit easier, you can hire kids party planners, who can provide all your party catering, party venue, decoration, entertainers, and everything else. Now, let’s have a look at some great ideas for teenagers birthdays entertainment. You won’t regret to include them in your party! 

Teenagers can be a bit difficult to please, and therefore, the options given above are excellent. However, if you choose to deal with all the entertainment, alone, we have three activities that will be a success!

Read on and find the Best options for teenagers birthdays entertainment!

Best options for teenagers birthdays entertainment ever!


Keep teenagers entertained at a birthday party with these three activities that will engage them. They may include games, treasure hunts, or crafts, which are great options so that they can take home as a souvenir.

Now check the Best options for teenagers birthdays entertainment that will make your party unforgettable!

Best options for teenagers birthdays entertainment ever

Fill your bottle

There is nothing better to please teenagers than preparing a lot of outdoor activities. This is an example of activity to do in the garden, or terrace because it includes water.

So, go into a compartment out of the house and divide teens into two teams. In the case of an odd number, make one of them play twice (a birthday child is a good option).

Now you are going to ask one person from each team to offer as a volunteer to hold the bottle in the head (preferably 2 liters).

Tell them that they will get wet. Give each team a cup and a bucket of water. Each teen fills a glass with water and drops it into the bottle. Once finished, the next player of the team fills the glass with water, and follows the same procedure.

The first team to completely fill the bottle wins the competition. In the case of finished teens and have not filled the bottle completely, they continue, taking turns.

Best activities for teenagers birthdays entertainment

Treasure hunt in the neighbourhood

Take a walk around the neighbourhood and make a list of things that could be used to later they seek. Ask your neighbours to keep these objects at the party day, and inform them of what is going to happen.

Divide your guests into small groups and give each group a list of items. Establish an hour to be at the meeting point, even they found all the items, or not.

You can give prizes to the winners, and other smaller to other teams.

Best games for teenagers birthdays entertainment

Plaster station

This is one of the Best options for teenagers birthdays entertainment. 

Prepare plaster mixtures trays on a table outdoors. Each guest must have a tray. Place a glass of water and a spoon next to each tray.

Ask teens to shed water in the pan and mix with the spoon until it is well blended. Then they just need to model it. They can make the hand palm, paint and then they can take home!


Hope you have enjoyed our ideas, and have a great time in your teenager’s party! I am sure they will love our Best options for teenagers birthdays entertainment.

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