Are you looking for Activities to do with babies in parties? Find the best activities for babies in this post and have lots of fun in your 1st birthday party. What do you think about a storytelling session or a puppet show? And what about a bubble party? You can have all of this hiring great kids party entertainers. AEIOU Kids Club has great party entertainment packages for all ages, from babies to adults, and you can enjoy, for example, clowns, magicians, face painters, among many others. 

There are activities for all children, and of course, you have to adapt depending on their age. Of course, activities for babies will be not the same activities of teenagers. So we must be very careful when we are planning the party.

In this article, we will show you the best Activities to do with babies in parties. Enjoy!


Best Activities to do with babies in parties


There are some great Activities to do with babies in parties, and I can assure you that these ones are the best of all. See by yourself.

best Activities to do with babies in parties


What do you think about a storytelling session? Kids love to hear you telling them stories, especially if it is a lovely and beautiful love story.

The act of telling a story to the young is an act of pure love. You share those moments with the child and show her that she is the most important person for you.

Therefore, children who hear stories of parents, are more likely to be frequent readers in adults because they associate reading time to moments of pleasure.

Activities to do with babies parties


And what can we say about soap bubbles? There is no better activity for the hot summer days! Join babies and toddlers in the garden, and start the party!

Make giant bubbles and let your little guests run to catch them up. At the end of the activity, they will be literally wet with so much soap and water!

puppet show Activities to do with babies parties


One of the best Activities to do with babies in parties: A great puppet show!

If a storytelling session is fantastic, then a puppet show is even better! A beautiful story is always a good option to make the animation of a party for babies.

But better is if the show is interactive. If children can participate in the story if they can decide the future of the characters, so you will keep them even more excited, and will also stimulate the taste for the arts in the children, particularly the taste for theater.

Whatever activity you choose, you should make sure you have quality professionals to work in your party, from the catering to entertainers.

It is important that everything goes well because we are talking about babies. See if they are DBS Checked. This ensures that they have necessary qualifications and experience to deal with your small guests.

Hope you enjoyed our suggestions for Activities to do with babies in parties. I am sure your babies will have lots of fun!

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